Personal Assistant Tips on Finding Where the Jobs Are

As anyone analytic to acquisition a job as a Personal Assistant, you can be assured that by the time you acquisition the position others accept aswell activate it, but the additional allotment of accepting assassin is to angle out. In the next few pages, we’ll altercate the secrets you can use to acceleration aloft the antagonism and how to accomplish yourself attending like the absolute alternative for acceptable their Personal Assistant.

Agencies, headhunters, networking, chat of mouth, appropriate listings, the Internet, job sites, friends, family, and application your academician to acquisition every abode that could be a advance for a Personal Assisting position. There is even a abode application Who that we will aswell go over.

Once you’ve ample out which breadth you wish to plan in (music, entertainment, politics, sports, etc.), you can activate analogue your seek criteria.

One of the bigger places to activate is with the adjustment agencies. The acceptable ones should not allegation you a dime for registering with them. Inside is a annual of the bigger agencies, but you should be careful of the ones who wish to analysis you like they would a secretary. It is not generally that you would accept to yield a typing, spelling, and algebraic analysis like some adjustment agencies accept their candidates do. If your bureau is acclimatized in agreement Personal Assistants, afresh they should sit down with you and thoroughly go over and analysis your absolute background. Remember, some of the Personal Abettor positions out there never do a individual day of accounting or filing. There are abounding that do, in actuality a majority of them, but this is not the alone belief for accepting the position. As you will apprehend afresh and afresh throughout this guide, the things you will be assassin for aboriginal and foremost are, if your personality is agnate to your boss’s, and that your accomplishment set adulation the position. Your age, experience, and job constancy are aswell important but accessory to these.

Another antecedent for job gluttonous are your connections. Chat of aperture can sometimes advance to an befalling you ability never accept heard about through accepted methods. You never apperceive who knows whom. Your ancestor may accept a acquaintance at plan who just got an annual with Shaq, and he just happens to be analytic for a new Personal Assistant. You just never know. So put the chat out. A lot.

Let’s allocution about aback doors. Sometimes, abnormally if you are newer to this field, the doors all assume bound up tight. So how do you get in? One of the abounding things you’ll apprentice in this adviser is that if you are on the job, you accept to acquisition artistic and able way to get a assignment done. So why shouldn’t job hunting be just as creative?

You’ve heard this appellation abounding times before. Internet Hackers generally use aback doors to get into sites that are protected. So why shouldn’t you use artistic aback doors to get afterpiece to celebrities, or activating humans who are aswell protected. You just accept to apperceive how to get in.

Let’s say for archetype you are one of the abounding humans who wish to plan aural the ball business. It’s a harder business to able and actual generally you acquisition that you accept no allies. So how does one get abutting to the stars or the producers or directors?

One adjustment is to do added or accomplishments work. You will charge to annals with one of the agencies, pay a fee and yield about an absolute day to get registered, but already you do, they will alpha calling you for assorted TV shows and movies. If you are lucky, you ability plan on a appearance for several days. The bad affair is that the pay is not abundant and the hours are long. The acceptable affair is how fast you can accommodated humans and actualize access which potentially could get you’re the affectionate of plan you’re absolutely analytic for.

As you absorb your time on a set, get to apperceive the higher-ups. The assembly people, the crew, even the producer’s assistants. As you activate to body a affinity with them you can boring let them apperceive what your absolute goals are. Sometimes they will allure you to leave a resume with them as, periodically, they apprehend of a position aperture actuality or there.

This aforementioned abode can be acclimated in advance work. Again, depending on the blazon of Personal Abettor you wish to be, a amount of celebrities, athletes, and politicians advance their time to assorted projects and this is a abundant befalling not alone to accord to your community, but to plan alongside these people. I even apperceive one woman who is now the Personal Abettor to a baby-kisser whom she met while alive with Habitat for Homes.

Do you plan for a florist who delivers to high-end people? Are you currently alive in the mail allowance of an bureau or PR close who represent A-list clients? If you let them apperceive your ambitions afterwards you’ve accurate what a loyal, hardworking, committed abettor you are, affairs are you could be recommended to one of the audience who needs a new Personal Assistant.

Again, any access or artistic way that you can put yourself into a position breadth the befalling is there to accommodated the appropriate connections, afresh you should yield abounding advantage of that aback door.

I’m not accommodating active up to them and accepting in their faces. This can backlash in so abounding ways, you can appear off like a stalker, or weird, or pushy. But, if you do it in a attenuate way, conceivably by authoritative acquaintances with the alms agents and absolution them apperceive what you do, afresh conceivably they may apprehend of something and back they acknowledge the advance efforts on your part, it is a acceptable adventitious that they may canyon forth your resume or information. But first, you accept to ALWAYS appearance that you can be a hardworking, dependable volunteer.

Searching on the Internet can be a acceptable apparatus to alpha with. You never apperceive who is traveling to be accomplishing the job posting; it could be the manager, the agent, a friend, the old assistant, a relative, or even a seek firm. So yes, while hundreds of others may be seeing this aforementioned ad, you accept to yield the befalling to investigate because they may not wish all the others, there ability be something that stands out on your resume that tells them this being may be the one.

You can never be abiding if anyone will column a new ad, you should do your searches alert a day. Already about 10am (because that’s if the databases of new advice are usually uploaded, and afresh about 4pm. Okay, so by this time you’re apparently adage big accord I put in Personal Abettor and I get the aforementioned abandoned clutter anybody abroad is already seeing.

This may be accurate in some cases, but what we will apprentice actuality is how to aerate the Internet to acquaint you added about a job afresh the advice the ad gives. Let’s say that again; the ad you acquisition about a accurate position may not accept abundant advice about the job, the people, or the company. This adviser will accord you some tips and appearance you some tricks that can generally acknowledge a lot added advice afresh they capital you to know.

Why is this helpful? Because sometimes an ad may affiance added than the job in fact is, and by award out added information, you can appraise whether you absolutely wish to accompany that job or not. Or, the adverse can sometimes be true. An ad may accord little advice and about-face out to be for a big, important being and they were abashed to admit too abundant information.

So let’s try some experiments. It’s accurate that hundreds of humans are traveling to appear beyond some of the aforementioned after-effects as you will acquisition in your searches, but afresh again, some will not apperceive how to seek correctly. And just because you and anyone abroad finds the aforementioned job lead, it’s the blow of your amalgamation that makes the aberration in who gets hired. Your resume, your experience, how you interview, your clothes, and your personality, all goes into the mix if anyone is chief whether or not to appoint you.

Let’s get started. For our archetype we’ll use Google back abounding of the seek engines use Google’s database for some of their own searching. Blazon the words Personal Abettor and see what you get. At the top of the annual you’ll apprehension the aboriginal brace of after-effects are those that pay to be listed there. Afterwards that, you are a lot of acceptable to acquisition sites that are aggravating to advertise you something or get you to try some product. Not abundant help.

Now try it afresh and this time abode citation marks about the words “personal assistant” but this time let’s aswell ad some key words. You can try job, classified, celebrity, placement, job, position, actor, etc.

Try substituting words, such as help, hire, work, employment. Or try anecdotic the breadth you wish to plan in, “personal assistant” AND “clothes design”. Even better, let’s use some examples from ads and yield some key words to actualize a seek criteria. Try accounting the afterward into Google’s seek bar: “personal assistant” savvy, or try organizing, or computer skills. Apprehension now the altered after-effects you get. You’ll still accept to edger through a few extraneous listings, but apprehension aswell that your seek allotment are richer and with afterpiece results.

Now, let’s say that there is a job that you acquisition absorbing on Craig’s annual or Monster or EntertainmentCareers or showbizdata. But the advice is actual limited. You may be afraid by all the advice you can access from this cryptic job description. First, let’s attending at the ad itself. What are they analytic for? Pay absorption to the kinds of delivery it uses and the descriptions. For example, does it use the chat entertainer, or actor? Does it say amateur or sports personality? Grammy winner, or Grammy nominee? Do you get breadth this is going? The diction they use can announce if the position is for a accurate alive brilliant or anyone who was a brilliant and is now a personality. You are acceptable to administer for either but apperceive what you are accepting into. Approach every job account with accessible eyes and do your homework.

The additional affair to apprehension is if the ad says that the tasks are simple but they wish you to accept a assembly of skills; computer, internet research, errands, shopping, managing the household, and they are allurement for a few years experience, you can be abiding that they anticipate the job is easy, but they accept no clue as to what’s involved.

Why do they accept no clue? It could be a ambassador or a adumbrative who is announcement the ad and absolutely doesn’t apperceive all the data important aspects that the job entails. Generally a adjustment bureau who doesn’t about abode Personal Administration will get one odd job befuddled at them by a referral. Or, the endure Personal Abettor could accept been so acceptable at the job, befitting the minutia from the employer that the employer in fact thinks the job is easy.

The next affair to ALWAYS attending for is the acquaintance information. Did they leave a fax amount or an email? If it’s a fax, it can sometimes be easier to analysis a position based on the number. Again, application Google you can blazon in the fax amount application dashes or dots and afresh columnist search:

Try all three versions until you get the actual after-effects 310-555-5555, 310.555.5555, (310)555-5555

Want a absolute archetype of this? Annal down to the ICM Talent acquaintance advice beneath and cut-n-paste their fax amount into the Google seek bar and attending at the results.

A acceptable accord of the time you will acquisition seek after-effects with a aggregation name. If there’s a acquaintance name as well, even better. Why? Now you can go to their web website and see if there is a aggregation directory. If not, you ability still be able to get some analysis done. If there is alone a aboriginal name, afresh it may be harder, but if the being advertisement the position has aswell put their endure name, afresh the next actual footfall is to amount out is how the aggregation lists their emails.

Let’s say for archetype the person, Judy Blah, is from the ICM Agency. You go to their web website and anon attending for the “contact us” page. The aboriginal affair you should try to acquisition is how they annual their email addresses. You’ll absolutely see that the end allotment says @icmtalent(dot)com. But does the alpha allotment say info(at)icmtalent? Or, Submission(at)icmtalent? What now? The next footfall is to amount out how they access a person’s name on their email address. Because if you can amount this out, you now accept a absolute acquaintance aural their agency. The way to acquisition this out can be simple.

Type in: Blazon in the web abode for that aggregation (in this case, or whatever follows the @ symbol) and you will appear up with a page that says reserved. Next, annal down the page and bang on the “more info” link. Now you can see their acquaintance info? No big deal, right? But hey, the acquaintance and ambassador emails accept the aforementioned endure allotment And, this time it has by their name:

Administrative Contact: International Artistic Mgmt Chun, Greg gchun(at)icmtalent(dot)com 10250 Constellation Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067 Phone: 310-550-4000 Fax: 999 999 9999

So now it’s a acceptable bet that ALL the aggregation email addresses use a aboriginal antecedent and endure name, just like Greg’s email does. Great. Now, application this aforementioned logic, you can be assured that you may accept the appropriate email abode for the Judy Blah, the being analytic to ample the position. You can afresh email her directly. But there’s still added advice you can gather.

If you now blazon “ICM actors” in Google, you will eventually acquisition some pages with names of clients, above clients, and some of their agents:

ICM represents high-profile audience including Chris Rock, Halle Berry, and Beyonce Knowles. ICM aswell abiding costs for Oscar-nominated films such as “Gosford Park, Moulin Rouge,” and “The Fellowship of the Ring.” The bureau has absent several brilliant agents in contempo years, forth with big-name audience (including Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts) to its competitors. ICM was formed in 1975 by the alliance of Artistic Management Associates and The International Famous Agency.

More acceptable info. Application this new information, let’s move on.

Next, let’s go to whorepresents(dot)com. For this one, you may charge to assurance up for a cable (about $12 a month). Here, if you blazon the Agent’s name you will get a annual of their clients. And vice-versa if you blazon in the Amateur you’ll get a annual of their representatives.